Greek Cafes

Aphrodite Cover

I’m making room for a sequel so it’s free postage for the month of April.
Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill is 200 pages jam-packed with photographs and stories about operating, marrying into, growing up in and eating at iconic Greek cafes like Londy’s in Ipswich and the Paragon at Katoomba.
(Still the original price $49.50).


49 responses to “Greek Cafes

  1. pip courtney

    hi Toni
    i am after a copy of yr book
    do u have any left?
    pip courtney 0407 741 696

  2. tonirisson

    Thank you everybody for your queries about the second printing of Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill. There has been a series of problems, as might be expected, with getting the book printed overseas, but we are ironing the problems out one at a time, and I hope things will move quickly now. I will let you know as soon as the shipment arrives in Australia.

    • Bill Pinfold

      Hi Toni,
      I would like to purchase two copies of your book once it has been reprinted (as a surprise present for my Greek inlaws).
      Would you be kind enough to advise when they will be available and how I should go about purchasing them.
      Kind regards,
      Bill Pinfold

      • tonirisson

        Dear Bill,
        I will let you know as soon as the book is available – shouldn’t be too long now. Remind me to inscribe them for your in-laws when ordering.

  3. stella carnall

    i have just this weekend been told about your book, and i’m so glad you are doing another print because i would love a copy
    researching my greek father’s early history involving a cafe in boonah and drapery in ipswich where i was born
    stella carnall

    • tonirisson

      Hi Stella,
      Yes, we are all waiting for the book to come from China. There seems to be a problem with the colour of the cover, but it will get here eventually. I am also working on a second book entitled simply “One Hundred Greek Cafes,” and there is room for your family’s cafe in Boonah if you have an old photo or two and some information and/or stories.

      • stella carnall

        Thank you Toni,
        i will gather more information from an elderly relative as what i have is limited; can get it all together soon; had the most amazing visit to Bingara last week – almost like a culture shock! quite a few locals are ready to fly off to Kythera next holiday!

  4. Lauren

    Hi Toni

    Sorry to hassle you – I’m sure everyone is!
    Any news on the arrival of the book from China yet?
    Many thanks

  5. tonirisson

    Hi Paul,
    The person you are after for design of the museum is Sandy McNaughton. I will email you her contact details.

  6. Nevil Ridgway

    I would like to obtain a copy of your book “Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill”
    when it is reprinted. I would appreciate it if you could let me know when this happens.

  7. Count me as another person interested in buying a copy of your book when it is available (and understanding about your publishing issues, since I’m now waiting on a book that is being reprinted in China..)
    Laurie Constantino

  8. Hi Toni
    I would also like to buy a copy of Aphrodite and The Mixed Grill. I’ve actually read it having gotten it out of the library and would love to have a copy to keep (having family members who also worked in a Greek cafe). If you could add me to your list of people who you are letting know when the book becomes available I would really appreciate it.
    many thanks

    • tonirisson

      Sure thing, Zoe. I believe the sample copy is on its way from China for me to check, so shouldn’t be long now.

  9. dear toni
    just read article re bingara greek cafe culture,a good friend has done all the restoration of glasswork and leadlight there recently!!
    can i get a copy of your book for my little greek taverna on the beach at scotts head (mid north coast nsw ) will be great for my regulars to look at

    regards laura sherry
    taverna six

    • tonirisson

      Your friend did a marvelous job. The whole place looks wonderful, so get out to see it as soon as you can. I will keep a copy of the book for you – I expect it soon. I think Scott’s Head is near my destination for a January break, so I will call in if I can and find your little taverna.

  10. Damian Prineas

    Hi Toni,

    Do you have your book Aphrodite and The Mixed Grill available for sale again?

    Regards Damian

    • tonirisson

      Hi Damian, the book is going to print this week I am told and I should have it next week. I will email you as soon as it arrives.

  11. Deb Gavrilis

    Hi Tony,
    Can you please tell me where I could purchase your book before Christmas as I would love to purchase one for my father in law Con Gavrilis. He made the trip to Bringa 2 months ago and loved it. He was so reminded of his country of birth and the many happy times he spent in his brothers Greek cafe in Kempsey. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Deb Gavrilis

    • tonirisson

      Hi Deb,

      I should have very good news soon about the reprint of Aphrodite (not available anywhere I’m afraid). I expect her to arrive on Friday night and will let you know as soon as she does. Express Post is only a little bit more expensive than normal postage costs (about $13.50 against $11), and that should get it to him for Christmas if all goes well.
      Thanks for the enquiry Toni

  12. Deb Gavrilis

    Thanks Toni. If you could let me know if your book arrives on Friday so I can send you details where to post and payment.
    Regards Deb Gavrilis

  13. Dear Toni,

    I too am very interested in getting a copy of your reprinted book. I’m the Curator of the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection in Sacramento, California, USA, and am actively collecting new material on the Greek-Australian diaspora. Please let me know when a copy becomes available. Thanks.

    George I. Paganelis

  14. James Dalton

    Hi Toni,
    I just saw the Bingara story on a Landline re-run. I would love a copy of your book (and the next one). Are there any left? I’m interested in most aspects of the development and social history of NSW country towns.
    My father was a good friend of a Mottee, who also grew up in one of Kempsey’s Greek cafes.
    James Dalton

    • tonirisson

      Will contact you soon with the details, James. Thanks for your enquiry. The Landline story is one of their best I think.

  15. simon apostle

    Hi Toni, Thanks for the book, it is wonderful.If you need more cafes for your next book I am happy help as my dad had the ‘Acadia’ in Stanthorpe for a time, and my grandfather had the ‘Silver Key’ in Wagga Wagga.


    • tonirisson

      I still have space for cafes in the second book and would love to feature your family’s cafes. We will need to put some history/anecdotes together and find a couple of photos for each one. Email me and we can start work on it. I can send you a list of questions to work around if that helps.

  16. Maria L

    Hi Toni
    I was wondering how to purchase a copy of Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill. In fact, I’d probably need to purchase four copies of the book for relatives and myself.
    Many thanks

  17. Bill Knowlton

    Hello Toni,
    I would like to purchase a copy of Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill please, as my in-laws ( of greek decent) were involved in the cafe business n Queensland in earlier days.Could you please advise how I can obtain and pay for the book.


  18. russell wilson

    toni, i would like too purchase a copy of your book , you see every morning before work i stop of at my favourite greek cafe here in melbourne, to have breakfast. would you have a copy that i could give as a gift thanks.

  19. sue

    hi toni
    could you please tell me if you have anymore copies of the greek cafe book and how can i purchase one ?
    thanks sue

  20. Maria Theodorakis

    Hi Toni
    I am so happy with your first book – Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill. A fantastic effort. Brings back some memories, especially the Niagara Cafe in Gundagai, NSW where, as young kids, along with mum and dad, used to drop in occasionally on our Sunday drives around the region from Cootamundra where we used to live! I am really looking forward to contributing to your other book – 100 Stories!!!

    Maria Theodorakis

  21. Gail Millar

    Hi Toni, Do you have any copies of aphrodite and the Mixed Grill still available? I work in aged care and this sounds like a wonderful book for reminisicing with my clients. I’m sure that my clients would have lots of memories to share. Kind regards Gail Millar

  22. David Mcwilliams

    Hi Toni,
    I would like to purchase two copies of your book ,Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill, but haven’t had any luck anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Heard snippets on radio you’re doing new book on Lollies !!
    Kind regards,
    David McWillims

  23. meg

    Hi toni, is there any ebooks available for your book?
    I am doing a university assignment on how greek cafes have shaped australian eating patterns yet I am finding your book really hard to source. If you could offer me any assistance in finding it thatd be great!

    • tonirisson

      Hi Meg, what a great topic. Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill is certainly the definitive book on the subject, but unfortunately it is not available as an ebook. I don’t know where you are, but you will find it in some libraries. Otherwise I have them for sale at $49.50. I have a couple of journal articles/book chapters coming out, and these would be right on your topic, but articles take ages to get through the system, so probably not in time to be much use to you. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Toni

  24. Jan Russell

    Hi Toni, can you tell me if you still have copies of Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill available? Many thanks, Jan

  25. Hi Toni!
    I am developing a coffee festival in Cooma NSW, reviving the old days of Snowy Scheme Cosmopolitanism.
    In your research – have you stumbled upon anything about Cooma having some cafe / milk bar culture very early on ?
    I would love to have a chat with you!
    My number

    Thanks so much

    • toni risson

      Dear Rose,
      What a wonderful enterprise. At present I am writing a book that documents 100 of our Greek cafes, and as yet I do not have an entry for Cooma. So please let me know if you score a contact for one.
      I have come across the following cafes in Cooma: the Tourist Cafe, the Blue Moon Cafe, the Montecarlo Cafe, the White Rose Cafe, the Moulon Rouge, and Roach’s Cafe. I don’t know that all of these were Greek, or that they are all separate cafes; Roach may have owned the Tourist Cafe, for example. If you look them up on TROVE you will see the dates they were in operation. The Kythera Family website is another great source.
      In 1959 the Australian classic, The Sundowners, was filmed around Cooma. The Zervos family, who had the Kosciusko Milk Bar at this time, had an arrangement with Warner Brothers to suppy at least some of the catering for the film crew. Mr Zervos would have rubbed shoulders with some pretty big stars. Wish I could a been a fly on the milk bar.
      All the best. Let me know if I can help further.

  26. Hello, is the book available for purchases?

  27. Are you researching “Alexanders” in Sydney by Voula Economos?

  28. Sylvia Nicolades

    Hello Toni, Its Sylvia Nicolades from Melbourne we were in contact via email a couple of years ago. I just sent you an email, hope that you have received. Otherwise feel free to email me

  29. Sarah

    Hi Toni
    I am Maureen Sheppard’s grand daughter and only just found out about your book a few months ago. I am in awe of the photos of Maureen who would have been around my age now. I was touched to see that you had dedicated the book to her.
    All the best.

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