Fellowship unearths Brisbane’s Greek café stories


I’ve won the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame Fellowship and am working with the State Library of Queensland’s John Oxley collection to unearth some of Brisbane’s Greek café stories. I started with Christie’s Café because that’s the one people remember and have since discovered that Freeleagus Bros was a really big deal from 1903 onward and that 4d milk bars were big news in the 1930s. My latest discovery is the California Café on Carroll’s Corner at Fortitude Valley.

Greek migrants dominated Brisbane’s vibrant café scene, and they succeeded in spite of the most blatant racism imaginable. To read more about these stories please visit my blog: greekcafesinbrisbane.wordpress.com




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2 responses to “Fellowship unearths Brisbane’s Greek café stories

  1. Hi Toni – that is great news. A very interesting project and I wish you every success. I’ll try to extract some details from my partner’s family – we think that both his parents worked at the Astoria and that one of his uncles may have held shares in the business at some stage. Will stay in touch with any anecdotal information I can uncover.

  2. toni risson

    It’s wonderful to hear from you Beth. Do please keep me updated if you find anything. I’d just about kill for a photo of the Astoria.

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