Jaffa-rolling is one of the most common memories people relate when the subject of lollies comes up. Not everyone’s story is the same: some kids did eat them after they had rolled down the floor and, of course, some would never have wasted a Jaffa in a fit. The age of the speaker is an important factor: Jaffa-rolling seems to belong to the baby-boomers. Earlier generations would never have ‘wasted’ a lolly by rolling it on the ground because lollies, for them, were too hard to come by. And children of more recent generations know nothing of children’s matinees, which disappeared with the advent of television. The noisy, bare, sloped wooden floors are gone too, and I believe Jaffas were banned from many picture theatres in the 1970s because children wreaked such havoc with them. Not me, of course.


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