Lolly Research

Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day have one thing in common. Each is a time when lollies, the bad boys in the food world, are allowed to take centre stage. So now is a good time to get you thinking about a great name for Australia’s first book about confectionery.

I am announcing a competition to find a name for my new book.  Suggestions so far include Sweetscape, Sweet Remembrance, and The Magic of Lollies. So while you are sucking away on a candy cane or dipping into the dish of lollies snuggled in between the turkey and the Christmas pud, put your thinking caps on and come up with a title as mouthwatering as the lollies we love.

Start sending those suggestions in now.

See the QT story below for information about the research and my favourite lolly.



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6 responses to “Lolly Research

  1. Stephanie Hoffmann


    I met you through Forum, and then ran into you on the street a little while ago.

    I am also a lollie lover. Despite trying not to eat them as I am watching my diet, I find myself unable to resist trying a new lolly I have not tried before.

    I have fond memories of Musk sticks at school (1977ish) and sropping them in a milk bottle for musk milk or sharpening them into a pencil with my mouth.

    I had a friend (he has recently passed away) who shared my love of lollies. We would often leave suprises for each other (mine were left in the washing machine and his left on his back stairs). I once convinced a local shopkeeper to purchase for me a whole box of cobbers (maybe 500?) which I deposited in my friends fridge for his birthday.

    I enjoyed a lolly which I could only purchase from the local Kiwi run petrol station, and would drive out of my way to get them (Snifters).

    I can tell you the favourite lolly of all of those that are important to me (Mum – honey bears, dad -licorice, husband – orange eclipse etc).

    I am very interested in your research. Feel free to get in touch if you want to talk any further.

  2. Jeff Pickering

    Hi Toni,

    How about the title

    “False teeth, fantales & spearmint leaves”

    I liked the look and the sound of it when I read it on a later entry on your blog.


    • Toni

      There is something in what you say, Jeff.
      Hmmm . . . But I think the last of the three also needs to start with an ‘f’.
      What about “False Teeth, Fantales, and Freddos”? They are all Aussie sweets. Great suggestion!

    • tonirisson

      Book title finally decided: A Mixed Bag: Stories of Australian Lollies.

  3. Graham Wilson

    Good afternoon Toni. I am researching items sent to members of the AIF by the Australian Comforts Fund during the First World War. Among other items, the ACF sent huge quantities of chocolate and lollies. I am really keen to obtain images of contemporary (1914-1920) packaging for Oz choccies and lollies and wonder if you can assist? I’d really appreciate any assistance and I can be contacted at Graham

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